Rebecca Reeb is, and always has been, an animal lover and advocate. She currently has three dogs and a cat.
Rebecca has many years of both paid and volunteer work for Animal Friends of the Valley, The Helen Woodward Animal Shelter, The Escondido Humane Society, The San Diego Humane Society, and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.
If Rebecca sees a stray dog while she's in the car, she'll stop and do whatever it takes to get the dog safe and hopefully home. Her license plate is DOGMAMA.
About Rebecca's Paintings
Rebecca has no formal art training, but all her life people have described her as creative.  She has tried and enjoyed about every craft there is but decided eventually to focus on her favorite, which is painting. Her paintings include landscapes, pastorals, fanciful wine labels, and of course, pet portraits. 
She won the Silver Medal in Wine Maker Magazine's 2014 Label Contest for her original work "Fruit Bomb" featuring dogs Greta and Sobe.
She also received a special write-up in Wine Maker Magazine in 2013 for her "Chateau Woof 'du Paw" label with German Shepherd Dog, Baron, as the Pope.

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Custom Pet Portraits


I'll be more than happy to talk with you about what you are looking for in a painting, whether it is a pet portrait, landscape, wine or beer label or whatever. I can customize my work to just for you. Want a full body or just head shot of your dog?  Sure thing! Want your dog and cat in the same painting but only have separate pictures of them? No problem! Contact me to start a painting you can enjoy furever!

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Hi, I'd love to answer any questions you may have about my original artwork. - Rebecca

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